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    Homemade Crunch Wrap Supreme

    One of my favorite podcasts is All Fantasy Everything which is hosted by Ian Karmel. Each episode they have a fantasy draft on a specific subject. That could be 90s movies, sandwich ingredients, or even Taco Bell

    This recipe was inspired by the latter. Sure, we make tacos or burritos or tostadas a few times a week. They are delicious flavor vessels and spicy sauces play into them effortlessly. However, the idea of creating an iconic fast food item at home was very intriguing and way more fun than I had anticipated. Sometimes I start a recipe and instantly think “Why did I decide to do this?” Or “This is too much hassle.” Not in this case. It was very satisfying and I bet it would even be fun in a small group. You could even have a homemade fast food potluck. Heck, I might just suggest that to Ian Karmel, Sean Jordan, and David Gborie and see if they will draft it! So if laughter and deliciousness is your thing (and if you are reading this then it probably is!) check out All Fantasy Everything and did into this delicious homemade crunch wrap supreme! Continue Reading →