Passion For Preserving Oregon's Bounty

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Sarah Marshall is a born and raised Oregonian and creates an array of handmade hot sauces that reflect her love for and deep connection to her home. Sarah and her husband Dirk have been making and selling spicy sauces in Portland, Oregon since 2011.

On the podcast Sarah shares how she's driven by her passion for preserving Oregon's incredible local agricultural bounty and their shared desire to create a family business around that passion.

Sarah shares their journey of going from making 12-jar batches in her home kitchen to making 200 jar batches in a commercial space. But, even as they've grown, their fundamental practice has remained the same. Every bottle of sauce still passes through each of their hands, with Sarah doing all of the sauce-making and flavor brainstorming, while Dirk chops, labels and ships out orders.

Sarah explains the whole process behind a really cool collaboration hot sauce with the Heatonist as an example.


Portland, Oregon
Music on this podcast is by Vita and the Woolf, with the song "Home".
You can purchase their music and album from the Tender Loving Empire or on Bandcamp.
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