PNW Sauce Makers

We are part of a group of sauce makers based in the Pacific Northwest. Our goal is to lift each other up and help each other to shine. Please support local sauce makers and help small business owners in the Pacific Northwest to succeed.

We have banded together via Sauce Aid to raise money for charity. Watch our video and donate to PDX Family Meal and Black Food Sovereignty Coalition.

Tortuga Gordo


The Good Pickle PDX

The Flavor Society

Marshall's Haute Sauce

Bend Sauce

Choi's Kim Chi

Bunches & Bunches

Felton & Mary

Hab Sauce

Hot Mama Salsa

Kelly's Jelly

Stinging Kombucha

Los Roast

Mustard and Co.

Newks Hot Sauce

Nong's Khao Man Gai Sauce

Red Duck Foods

Sao Noi

Secret Ardvark

Tan Tan

Wet Wizard Sauce

Avila Gorilla

Bobbies Boat Sauce

HYCH: Heat You Can Handle

Hot Maple

Hot Winter

Pika Este

La Porteña

Miss Delta

Prossers Spice

Rose City Pepperheads

Silagy Sauce