We've Partnered with the Reluctant Trading Experiment!

Exciting news haute fans! We're excited to announce our partnership with Scott Eirinberg and the fine folks at the Reluctant Trading Experiment, where I'll be crafting recipes each month using their spectacular spices.

You're going to love my first recipe! It's probably unlike anything you've had before. Totally highlights the beautiful aroma of their green peppercorns. It's got a little heat and a ton of flavor. The green pepperercorns have beautiful citrus notes, but without as much pungency. 

You can snag 10% off the Green peppercorns in the Reluctant Trading shop, just enter the promo code SpiceAsNice10 at checkout. Offer ends 3/31/19.

Head over to Reluctant Trading for Scott's wonderful blog about our partnership and be sure to sign up for their newsletter and you’ll get 10% off our featured spice each month. Plus you’ll get Sarah’s latest recipes.