Limited Edition Gift Box
Limited Edition Gift Box

Limited Edition Gift Box

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We put this box together with our sauces we don't sell in stores. It contains these 4 sauces, each sauce is in a 5 ounce bottle.


Bluto's Liquid Gold Hot Sauce


We created this liquid gold hot sauce to celebrate the opening of Bluto's restaurant. Our pal Rick Gencarelli the genius behind Lardo and Grassa, has just opened this Greek inspired Wood fired restaurant. We made an infused vinegar with fenugreek, fennel, coriander, and sumac. We then use Aji peppers, yellow bells, and mango. The result is a mildly spicy, flavor packed sauce, perfect for grilled meats and vegetables.

Patria Piqué Hot Sauce

We developed this recipe with Sarah's bestie Cristina Baez, of Portland’s Ataula and Ay Bendito and it’s a true labor of love. We flew in special seeds to Caballero peppers (also known as Gentlemen's peppers) from Cristina's hometown in, Puerto Rico and worked with our friends at Abundant Field Farm to grow these wonderful, fruity peppers. The sauce is the perfect addition to simple rice and beans. Or you can make Asparagus Salad With Baked Salmon.

Bird’s Eye Charred Chive Dulse Sauce

Created in conjunction with cult-favorite hot sauce shop, The Heatonist, to celebrate their fifth anniversary, we loved this sauce so much we decided to keep making it, even after the initial anniversary run was finished. Our friends at The Heatonist wanted a hot sauce like none other, and, well, we delivered in spades! Drawing inspiration from the Oregon coast and our love for the flavors of southeast Asian food, we began this sauce with fresh dulse seaweed harvested from the Pacific ocean, just a few hours drive from our hot sauce kitchen. Briny and brimming with umami, we took the seaweed and added white miso and smoky charred chives for a sauce that’s wonderfully savory. Use it as you would a (totally vegan!) fish sauce. It’s ready to drizzle over roasted brussel sprouts, into vegetable stir-fried or use as a marinade for tofu or chicken.

It is spicy, tangy, and has tons of flavor with a mild heat. It is perfect for Lamb Skewers and Bok Choy.